Healthy Family – Email Promo

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Email Promo for Jenny Lunde Photography

Angie was needing images for her website highlighting cooking with her kids. We worked out what images were needed for each page, that she could give her website designer based on the outline I was given. These images were taken in her kitchen with some placement or removal of items in the shot. Working with her kids wasn’t too bad, there were a number of great shots to choose from. Another image we worked on, was of Angie creating a drink for her family, with the kids helping. The excitement in their eyes was wonderful. All of the images were photographed in September but her website designer is still working on the final version before it goes live. So I can’t provide a link to the real site at this time.

Level 4 Suit -email blast

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Email Promo for level 4 Bio Ebola SuitLarry McMurray, the inventor of the Level4Suit needed images for his website to highlight his product.  This suit is for a US Gov Ebola Suit Challenge.  I worked with the Web Designer, Eric Peterson, on images for the website.  We created images for the homepage and description pages of the model putting on the suit and then taking it off.  Also highlighting the Stethoscope, the pockets in the pants and top half, and her ability to move her arms inside the contained suit.  Parts of the suit needed to be highlight per the Ebola Suit Challenge which he was competing against universities and big companies.  Eric Peterson and I have worked on other jobs in the past.